Augmented Idea Process

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As we were trying to solidify a concept for our club project, we came across many creative ideas on how we could possibly implement this technology. Some of the ideas from our second meeting were:

Scavenger Hunt: multiple markers would be placed on walls throughout the school, from there people would look at the marker through a web cam and arrows pointing in different directions would be projected onto the screen, leading the user closer to the treasure.

Army Tanks Fighting Each Other: Two separate markers would project army tanks onto the screen. The user would control the tank with the marker and make them crash.

Drinking Game: Like the traditional drinking game where people would place a playing card with a celebrity’s name written on their forehead, people would walk around asking for clues as to which celebrity they are. Implementing Augmented Reality to this game would mean that  instead of writing the celebrity’s name the face would be projected onto a screen for everyone but the person with the card on their head.

We eventually went with the celebrity drinking game.

After choosing a concept we then split the work up between members.

Tom: Renders 3D objects
Mino: recruits 6-10 new members to our Augmented Reality club
Nitin + Najeeb: program the darn thing> you go!
Nancy: Blogging + assist with designing markers if needed
Dae Kyu: design 10 different markers
Lori/Nitin: will create and direct the presentation.

We also had to find a straight on  shot and side profile photo of a celebrity.

MARIO – Dae Kyu
3. ELVIS – Nancy
4. JOKER – Najeeb
5. GEORGE BUSH – Nitin
6. CAT WOMEN – Mino

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