Present and Future

In Uncategorized on December 17, 2009 by augmentedrealityimm

While researching augmented reality, I couldn’t help but be surprised at how many companies are using this technology to sell/promote their products. But what it kept coming down to for me was that I had no interest in printing off the marker in order to see what they had to show me. Besides watching video tutorials, the only time I took a look at an real life augmented reality example was when Nitin showed me an Esquire magazine with the marker already displayed on the cover.

So for the average person, I don’t really think augmented reality is something that is mainstream yet, although based on the observations of industry insiders, and the technology development in place at this time, it may very well become an every day reality soon rather than later.

In terms of the future of augmented reality, some exciting works in place are “Sixth Sense” which would ultimately allow the user to augment whatever he or she is looking at, for example, pick up a can of soup at the grocery store and Sixth Sense will find and project onto the soup information about its ingredients, price, nutritional value and even customer reviews.

The present reality is that for some cell phone users, particularly in applications for the iPhone, augmented reality is already available to the user. Within the application Yelp, which known for reviews of restaurants and other business, there is a hidden augmented reality component called Monocle which takes thing a step further. Once the Yelp application is  started up, just shake your iPhone 3 times and Monocle is activated. Using your phones GPS and compass. Monacle will display information about local restaurants including ratting and reviews. You can touch one of the listing to find out more about the restaurant.

This is a really interesting technology and perhaps not just a marketing gimmick as many have commented. The implications for this technology are vast and intriguing.

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